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Janene and Bob Boggs, A lifetime of Commitment…

As Arabian horse breeders for over 30 years, Janene and I are truly grateful to be able to continue our family’s legacy of great horses and to see our children, Austin and Olivia, take that legacy into the next generation!



Our History…

Don and Alverna, “Shorty” Boggs were small Arabian horse breeders from Minnesota. They began raising purebred Arabian horses in 1962 and over the years they worked endlessly to develop and refine their breeding program. Their goal was to breed Arabian horses with extreme type and quality; the plan was to line breed horses of Ferzon and Witez II bloodlines including the brothers Garis (Niga x Galatina by Ferzon out of Kama), Gamaar (Niga x Gay-Rose by Ferzon out of Gali-Rose) and G-Amigo (Niga x Ga-Rageyma by Ferzon out of Gajala).


Don and Shorty bought Garis in 1970 and he would prove to have the biggest influence on their early breeding program and long into the future. Garis sired approximately 374 offspring. Among his daughters was Alove Letter, out of El-Le-Lou by Gamaar out of El Louisa a mare that traces back to some of the earliest Egyptian blood to be found. Alove Letter, foaled in 1978, was bred by Casey Brantner and purchased in 1980 by Dona and Shorty. The mare produced six offspring for the Boggs family before she was sold in 1989. Alove Letter produced eight daughters including Inherited Love, 1984, by the Farazdac son HH Heritage; Musks Angel Eyes, 1985, by the Muscat son Sir Musk and SS Heartbreaker, 1988, by the El Shaklan son, Sharem El Sheikh, each of these mares have contributed immensely to the Arabian horse industry. Inherited Love and SS Heartbreaker went on to grace other breeding programs, SS Heartbreaker produced 9 foals including National Champion and Reserve National Champion Psygon, by Padrons Psyche, but Musks Angel Eyes never left the Boggs family.


In April of 1989, Don and Shorty Boggs purchased Hal G-Wisz, a mare from the respected breeding program of Halberg Arabians that went back to G-Amigo and his sire Niga; lines that were the foundation of the Boggs breeding program. Later that month Hal G-Wisz produced a filly, Shimmering Star B, 1989, by Sharem El Sheikh. Bob and Janene purchased Shimmering Star B for their breeding program because she is a result of the proven formula of line breeding established by Bob’s parents. Like Musks Angel Eyes, Shimmering Star B has never left the Boggs family.


Bob Boggs recalled that it was his father's declining health that helped him realize how much his parent's breeding program meant to him personally, both in relationship to his family's history and in terms of what they had contributed to the Arabian horse breed. When Donald Carl Boggs passed away, on August 27th, 1989, Bob took an even more active role in his mother's life and in managing the remaining herd. Although Bob had enjoyed tremendous success as a professional trainer and handler of national champions, over the next seven years his priorities and passion would shift. Bob's vision moved away from training and handling and he became focused on the future of the Boggs breeding program and the revitalization of Midwest Station I as a source of high quality Arabian horses for the international show and breeding market.


Bob was not alone in this life journey; he had his life partner at his side. Bob was at a show in Sioux Falls, South Dakota when he first saw a young woman from Nebraska who was there competing. Bob made a point to meet the young lady, Janene Ehrlich, and afterwards told his mother, “I’m going to marry that girl!” Bob was 19 and Janene would soon turn 18; it was the beginning of a lifetime commitment that became official when the couple married in 1991. Janene’s love for the Arabian horse ran every bit as deeply as Bob’s. She had grown up showing horses with her parents, Dee and Jane Ehrlich, and her sister Jill. Janene is a very experienced and accomplished horsewoman and has earned numerous national championships in halter and performance. Bob’s vision for Midwest Station I was ambitious, but he and Janene were committed to their families, each other and to their goal.


Bob and Janene remained close to their families; they worked together, traveled to horse shows together and built their life together. Bob’s mother “Shorty”, passed away November 29, 1994. It was the end of an era. Their parents had provided a fantastic foundation. They taught them the value of family, hard work, pulling together and a deep love, respect and concern for the horses. Now it was up to Janene and Bob to evolve, move it forward, and take it to the next level.


Bob believed, and Janene agreed, that the past success of the Boggs breeding program was based on their extraordinary mares. A few of these mares were still at the farm; others had been sold. Bob and Janene worked with the mares they had and bred them to stallions they believed would contribute the most where it was needed and not detract from the existing quality. They also began to systematically search out the missing mares they believed would contribute to their success and ensure their future. Individually and collectively, this group of foundation mares was priceless; Janene and Bob called them their “Treasures”.

Our Breeding Program…

It’s difficult to say where Don and Shorty Boggs’ breeding program ends and Bob and Janene’s begins. In truth one is a continuation of the other; the people and the horses of past generation are immortalized in this generation and each generation to come – they truly live on forever! When a breeder selects a mare or stallion for their program, it is a tribute to the breeder of that horse and an acknowledgment of their contributions. For Bob and Janene, selecting and using the mares from the Boggs breeding program was both personal and practical. They wanted to breed Arabian horses of the finest quality and his parents’ mares were already proven champion producers. In addition, it was a way for Janene and Bob to continue his parents’ legacy, which they had worked over 40 years to achieve.


Memories of the past 30 years begin to fade, but defining moments remain clear for Bob Boggs, “Musks Angel Eyes was such an incredible mare, both as an individual and as a producer. We will never forget her contributions to our lives. Janene and I bought Musks Angel Eyes from my mother. The mare already had one foal in 1989, a filly by Sharem El Sheikh, SS Winning Colors. Musks Angel Eyes was not in foal when Janene and I bought her, so we decided to breed her to a stallion we have always admired, Bey Shah. In July of 1994, Angel Eyes had a bay filly. Right from the start this filly was amazing. She reminded us so much of Bey Shah – from her tiny, tipped ears and big, black eyes to her fantastic neck and body - and the way she moved – she was incredible. We named her Bint Bey Shah, but Angel Eyes contributed her part as well. Bint Bey Shah has proven to be her best daughter.”­


Musks Angel Eyes produced seven outstanding foals including SS Winning Colors, Bint Bey Shah, Adivah, Vielkah, Sattire, Albigova and Precious An Few. Adivah was also by Bey Shah, making her a full sister to Bint Bey Shah. Adivah is the dam of the stallions, Nations Psy by Padrons Psyche and Nevada TBA by Millennium LOA.


Musks Angel Eyes produced the mare Vielkah by Padrons Psyche. She was sold to Augusto Longhi of Italy as a 2-year-old and made her home in Europe where she achieved the titles of Mediterranean Champion Filly in Menton, France and Italian National Reserve Champion Filly. Musks Angel Eyes produced her last foal in 2007, a filly by Justify, Precious An Few, who was retained to continue the breeding program at Midwest Station I. Musks Angel Eyes passed away in 2010. She will be missed, but never forgotten as long as her daughters and descendants carry on her legacy.


Bob and Janene also bought Shimmering Star B, 1989, (Sharem El Sheikh x Hal G-Wisz by Derwisz out of G-Amaka by G-Amigo) from Bob’s mother. Shimmering Star B was also open at the time she was purchased and Janene and Bob decided to breed her to Brass, a son of Bask and a proven sire of national champions. In June of 1995 Shimmering Star B produced an amazing filly, Poise and Ivy. Three years later, in 1998, Poise and Ivy was named Canadian National Champion Futurity Filly and she went on to win further national titles including Canadian National Reserve Champion Mare, as well as produce a son by Padrons Psyche, Astoundd, who was twice a Reserve National Champion in performance.


Shimmering Star B is a dam of additional quality offspring. In 1999 she produced the stallion Affirmmed by Magnum Psyche. Affirmmed was a U.S. National Top Ten stallion and the sire of multiple national winners including the exotic stallion and U.S. National Top Ten winner, Honorrs. With over 100 offspring, Affirmmed has made his mark in the Arabian breed. In 2000 Shimmering Star B produced a daughter by Monogramm, Sephora. This well-bred young mare has returned to the homeland of her desert ancestors at Al Khaediah Stables in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


In 1994 Janene and Bob leased the National Top Ten Mare RB Gitana (El Haskim x Ports Fantasy by Port Bask) from Scott and Cindy Crooker of Park Ridge Arabians. In March of 1995 RB Gitana produced an exotic chestnut filly by Padrons Psyche, Estoriah. She was undefeated in 1996 and was named U.S. National Champion Yearling Filly. Estoriah returned to Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky and claimed the title of U.S. National Champion Futurity Filly – the same year that her stable-sister Poise And Ivy won the Canadian National Futurity Championship!


The breeding program at Midwest Station relies heavily on its foundation mares. The proof of these great dam lines is seen in the continuity of generation after generation of champions and champion producers. A study of the foundation mare Musks Angel Eyes’ pedigree shows that the strength of the mares equally matches that of the stallions and that genetic strength is seen in all its awesome wonder in her daughter, Bint Bey Shah. This big, bold, bay mare has all of the fire and spirit of her sire and the beauty of her dam, and she is passing it on to the next generation. Now Bint Bey Shah’s offspring are building her an international empire.


Psytadel, a colt by Padrons Psyche, was Bint Bey Shah’s very first foal. Swatam Arabians of Belgium purchased him as a weanling. Then as a yearling, Psytadel was the class winner at the All Nations Cup in Aachen, Germany; winner of the Belgium Challenge Cup and the Junior Champion Colt in Balen, Belgium. Psytadel’s achievements go far beyond the show ring. He has established himself as a leading sire of the breed and the top-producing son of Padrons Psyche in Europe. His offspring have won over 100 championship titles around the world including U.S. National Champion Futurity Filly Pstylin.


Pristinia, also by Padrons Psyche, was Bint Bey Shah’s 1999 filly. Swatam Arabians of Belgium purchased Pristinia as a weanling by as well. While in Europe Pristinia earned the title of Junior Champion Filly at the Tulip Cup Show in Holland and Reserve Champion Yearling Filly at the "All Nations Cup" in Aachen, Germany. She was sold to Freeland Farms, U.S.A., and was Champion Two-year-old Filly at the Scottsdale All-Arabian show.


Endevra, by Padrons Psyche, was Bint Bey Shah’s 2003 filly. Endevra was purchased as a two-year-old by Luis Rocco of Brazil and later purchased by Princess Laetitia Darenberg of Uruguay.  Endevra has become a successful show mare and a dam of excellence. She is a wonderful representative of the Midwest Station I breeding program in South America.


Pandoraah, also by Padrons Psyche, was born in 2005. She was purchased as a late weanling by Bernard and Ann Joye of Belgium and then sold to Al Khaled Farms of Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Pandoraah was the 2006 Tulip Cup Champion Filly in Holland and 2006 All Nations Cup Jr. Champion Filly in Aachen Germany, 2007 Top Ten Junior Female at the Salon du Cheval World Championships in Paris, France and the 2008 Champion Three-Year-Old Filly and Reserve Junior Champion Filly at the Elran Cup, Belgium.


Pasinkaa, by Padrons Psyche, was Bint Bey Shah’s daughter born in 2005. Anna Salen Salen of Cantabria, Spain purchased Pasinkaa as a yearling. She is a foundation mare for this respected breeding program.


Palitrah, by Justify, was Bint Bey Shah’s daughter born in 2006. Palitrah has never been shown; she will never leave Midwest Station I as she is being retained for their breeding program. In 2010 Palitrah, produced Inviticus, a colt sired by National champion Aria Impressario.


Promonahde, by Padrons Psyche, was born in 2007. This daughter of Bint Bey Shah is owned in partnership with James Swaenepoel of Swatam Arabians, of Belgium. Promonahde is retained for the Midwest Station I and Swatam Arabians breeding programs.


Promessah, by Padrons Psyche, was born in 2008. Prominent Brazilian Arabian horse breeder, Umberto Bonini, purchased her as a yearling. Promessah proudly carries the legacy of Bint Bey Shah to South America.


Panoramah, by Padrons Psyche, was Bint Bey Shah’s 2008 foal. Panoramah was owned in partnership with James Swaenepoel of Swatam Arabians of Belgium. She was exported to Europe and passed away before producing a foal.


Juliah B, by Justify, was born in 2009. Justify brings together some of the breed’s most prolific champions and champion producers including Magnum Psyche, Padrons Psyche, and Padron. Justify’s dam, S Justadream, a multiple national champion contributes the powerful Varian bloodlines though her sire Justafire DGL and Afire Bey V as well as the priceless blood of the Polish sire Eukaliptus. These Arabian aristocrats are all blended with the champion producers in Bint Bey Shah’s pedigree; the result is Juliah B who is retained for the Midwest Station I breeding program.


Persia B, by Magnum Psyche, is a daughter of Bint Bey Shah born, via Embryo transfer, in 2010. Jim and Sally Bedeker of Gemini Acre Arabians, USA purchased Persia when she was just a few weeks old. Persia is Bint Bey Shah’s first foal by Magnum Psyche, but the success of this cross ensures that it will not be the last.


Asia B, by Justify, was Bint Bey Shah’s 2010 filly. Asia B is extreme in type, style, conformation and carriage! She is a little super star! Asia B is a full sibling to Juliah B and Palitrah. All three of these sisters are retained for the Midwest Station I breeding program and to carry on the Bint Bey Shah legacy into the next generation.


Bob and Janene Boggs share these thoughts about their breeding program, “As breeders, we are proud of show ring and market place accomplishments achieved by horses we have bred, raised and sold over the past 30 years. We credit our longevity to the success our customers have achieved with horses they purchased from us. We believe our success is dependant on our clients’ success.


We think Don and Shorty can be very proud of the horses we are breeding today. They should be - almost all of them go back to their breeding program! Our horses represent five generations of that breeding program. The Arabian horse is a huge part of our history and they will always be a part of our future.”